COSC 3355 Operating Systems

Supplementary course materials:  Shockwave Flash Animations

1)  Execution of a machine language process in Von Neumann Architecture

2)  Hardware process protection with base and limit registers

3)  The use of a system call to perform I/O

4)  The dynamic state of a process

5)  CPU switching between processes as a result of system calls or interrupts

6)  CPU Scheduling:

7)  Process Synchronization

8)  The Critical Section Problem (Algorithm 3)

9)  Semaphores

10)  Deadlocks (Resource Allocation Graph)

11)  The Multistep Processing of a User Program

12)  Primitive Memory Management:

13)  Swapping of processes using a disk as a backing store

14)  Multiple-partition contiguous memory allocation

15)  Compaction

16)  Paging:

17)  Paging hardware with TLB

18)  Two level paging

19)  Inverted page tables

20)  Segmentation hardware

21)  Paged Segmentation

22)  Virtual Memory

23)  Demand Paging

24) The Steps In Handling A Page Fault

25)  Page Replacement

26)  Page Replacement Algorithms:

27)  Second Chance Algorithm For Page Replacement

28)  The Working Set Model For Page Replacement

29)  Considerations For Page Replacement in Virtual Memory Mode

30)  Interrupt-Driven I/O Cycle

31)  The Life Cycle of an I/O Request

32)  Disk Scheduling Algorithms: