Vicki Betts

Vicki Betts

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My research interests fall into two main categories:  mid-19th century U.S. history, particularly Southern women during the Civil War; and the history of Smith County, Texas, also focusing on the Civil War, particularly the Camp Ford POW facility near Tyler.

 My site is currently in flux.  After weeks of trying to work with the new University content management system, we have given up the fight, and I'll be moving it to the independent UT-Tyler Library server.  I hope to have everything up and operating before the spring 2011 semester begins.  However, all web addresses will be changing to reflect the new location.  I'll try to notify everyone that I know uses the site regularly either individually or on the various listservs and forums.

Newspaper Research
Godey's Lady's Book
Index, 1855-1865  
Tyler and Smith County, Texas
(including newspapers)
Smith County bibliographies


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